Posted on: June 1, 2008 3:02 pm

NBA 08-09 Power Rankings

With the season coming to the end everybody is already looking into the next basketball season but who is the team to beat? well one might say that it's still to early to pick a number one or two in the rankings cause the finals havent started yet, Its a power ranking and even if the team i select lost the finals still does not mean anything but here it goes anyway:

Eastern Conference

Boston Celtics- Complete team that will be powerful in the next coming season.

Detroit Pistons- Getting old but still has the skills and talent as well as a great coaching staff.

Cleveland Cavaliers- LeBron James will still be able to take the 3rd spot.

Orlando Magic- Orlando has the best 3 point shooters in the East so they can score a lot of points.

Western Conference

Los Angeles Lakers- Kobe Bryant is too good and with his supporting cast in Gasol, Odom, and Fisher well you already know.

Utah Jazz- These guys are good.

New Orleans Hornets- Young and talented.

San Antonio Spurs- Veteran team with a lot talent and experience.


Boston Celtics

Detroit Pistons

Los Angeles Lakers

Utah Jazz

New Orleans Hornets

San Antonio Spurs

Cleveland Cavaliers

Orlando Magics

Those eight teams I picked will most likely have the best chance of making it to the finals but dont count out the Phoenix Suns in the West or the Miami Heat they still have Dawyne Wade. 

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Posted on: June 1, 2008 2:49 pm

2008 NBA Finals Preview

The NBA Finals is just a few days away all of the excitement is building up not only for both Celtics and Lakers fans but all NBA and basketball fans alike. These two teams have a lot of history with one another when it comes to championship basketball. We all know to well about the clashes they had in the past so I dont need to talk about that. The Boston Celtics havent been in the Finals in two decades and that is by far depressing and the players they ave in the rosters are very hungry and very talented and again, very hungry!. Lets look at the matchups they had this season; The lakers have lost twice to Boston this season by double digit numbers and with that said there was no Pau Gasol who is now the second leading scorer behind the MVP Kobe Bryant. The Lakers now has a potent offense who can score 100+ points in a game. The Lakers defense is ground braking in myopinion so I think they can now contend with the Boston Celtics in both home and road games in this finals series. Boston Celtics had been dominant this whole season and they have one of the most talented roster in the NBA today. Kevin Garnett is a powerful forward who has a very potent defensive player skills as well as a good jumper where he can do a lot of damage, Paul Pierce is just awesome on both side of the court. Ray Allen has been cold throughout the playoffs and seems like he is starting to pick up his game and with the help of Perkins in the center court and the young point guard they have, they are a complete team. Matching these two teams up is very interesting but I think the Boston Celtics still have the upper edge by at least 8 points on the board because they are just so energetic and they can shoot a lot of basketball. Overall the series will be great and I am hoping for a 7 game series and my wish just might come true but we will see starting Thursday.
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Posted on: June 1, 2008 10:52 am

Lord Stanley's Cup future

With the hockey season almost over and it most likely will end on Monday when the Detroit Red Wings win a decisive game over the Pittsburg Penguins at the JLA. The Penguins need to step up their game if they want to beat a impossible to beat home team especially in the playoffs. Crosby is young but he has the talent and the skills to lead this young pittsburg team and take them to glory and hold Lord Stanley's Cup,But it will not happen this year and if they do want to hoist the cup next year they will have to do a lot of transactions this coming offseason because of all the UFA they will have and they should start early come July when they can start talking about contracts with their outgoing players. The Red Wings on the other hand will be just coming off a Stanley Cup Championship and I believe they will be contenders again next season but they will most likely slow down a bit because the team is aging and needs to start peeking on the rebuilding phase because within 3 seasons they will have a lot of retirements. Chris Chelios will most likely retire within that time frame and so is Lidstrom. I don't want to say I live in the past but I wish number 19 will play again. For both clubs the future is on the Pittsburg Penguins side and I do believe they will one very soon.
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